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The Promo Goddess Interviews Von Tae’ #TheIndieBooth


Every year before a big release, Von Tae’ or Tae as I call him, sits down with me for an interview about what is to come. It is something we like to call a business ritual I suppose you could say. After my first interview with Tae on his album “Broken Boundaries of Existence” which released in 2012, he has released hit singles and notable covers to mainstream releases. Now, Tae is hitting the scene again with an E.P. as well as an album soon to come to give his fans what they have been waiting for. Check it out!

PG: Since BBOE, how has your journey been with music?
Tae: All I can say is that I’m blessed and thankful to be able to wake up every day and do what I love. Music is definitely what fuels my life. I wake up and I want to record or perform so I know this is for me. I’ve been working on an EP and just released a mixtape “#VONTAETAKEOVER (Vol. 1)” which I’m very proud of. 
PG: I noticed the “Tae Remixes” as I call them, which is you covering mainstream hits out right now. What influenced you to begin this? 
Tae: I’ve always been a huge fan of HipHop and Rap music. Some of my favorite rappers like Missy Elliott, Tyga, T.I, Jay-Z and the list goes on.. they really inspired me to push myself as a rapper. So really it was all about proving to myself that I can do it, and I did.
PG: Now you are releasing an E.P. titled “20 Minutes Past Late”, tell us about the process of creation and its purpose. 
Tae: Well this EP is like an appetizer into the full album. I was going back and forth on whether I was going to do an EP or album first and decided that I would have to invest a little more time and money into an album so I figured putting out an EP, which is just as good, to hold my fans over until I give them the big project.
PG: What is your favorite song from the E.P. and why?
Tae: Man, all of them are my favorite.. I know that sounds cliche but they really are. My favorite right now thought would have to be “How I Do That”. It’ll most likely be the 1st single from the album and I know the clubs are going to go crazy for it.
PG: Now I know the E.P. will be a surprise to fans so I am not going to pressure you for a date lol, but where will it be available?
Tae: The EP will be available through all music digital retailers but will premiere first through my official website.
PG: Now let’s dive into the EP that you have been teasing your fans with. My first interest is the title “20 Minutes Past Late”, where exactly did that come from?
Tae: That came from my life experiences. I feel like a lot of things I’ve done have been “late”. Things never happen on my time and I’m starting to learn that things aren’t always going to happen on my time, they happen when God feels that I’m ready. So I have to trust and have faith that the things I dream about will happen. Even with this project being put out, its a bit late. My fans have been going crazy asking about it so now its finally time to put it out.
PG: Will this EP be a new and improved Tae trying out new sounds, or will we hear classic BBOE Tae.
Tae: No, I finally found “my sound”. This is definitely something different, something new for me but it fits me. I think I’ve honestly found the type of music that I absolutely love doing. Its a fuse between Hip-Hop and R&B. Don’t get me wrong I love all genres of music but those two together, suits me best.
PG: What producers did you have the opportunity to work with while creating?
Tae: I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing producers. Scott Supreme, RicandThadeus, Blasian, Jee Juh and a few others. They have amazing productions, I’m blessed to be using their work.
PG: What can fans expect from the album? Besides it finally being released lol.
Tae: They can expect professionalism (quality wise), music videos this era, turn up music, dope lyrics, music that’ll make you think.. I’m honestly just having fun with this project.
PG: Can we get an exclusive on the track listing?
Tae: You definitely can! Only Thing Poppin, Angelina Aquafina, How I Do That, Hey Shawdy, Pussy Talk, Energy and You Aint Never may be a bonus, I don’t know yet. But those are the tracks that’ll be featured on the EP. I’m very very proud of how they came out.
PG: As always, its a pleasure to interview an artist such as yourself that I have been working with for years on in. Any final comments?
Tae: Thank you, its always a pleasure. You’re so amazing and thank you for always supporting what I do. Tae’ Society (my fans), get ready because “20 Minutes Past Late” is coming. Ya’ll definitely don’t want to miss out on purchasing this album! It’ll be worth talking about. My website will be launching in a few days, so stay tuned.. it’ll be revealing a lot of big stuff!



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