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This Man Waves The Confederate Flag, Has KKK Tattoos, But Wears FUBU

This Man Waves The Confederate Flag, Has KKK Tattoos, But Wears FUBU

He must have gotten dressed in the dark, while spinning furiously in circles. This unidentified guy over at a pro-Confederate flag rally was spotted by George Chidi, and he tried to engage him about the FUBU shoes he was sporting

The irony here flew right by this unidentified man. This Confederate flag support really was at State Mountain Park in Georgia, Raw Story reports.

A video, posted to YouTube, opens with the man getting all upset and going on about his constitutional right to voice his opinion before finally walking away. The person filming this guy’s episode, identified as George Chidi of Neon Flag, quickly makes his way through the small crowd to get to the man to question him about his kicks.

“I just wanted to mention, I didn’t know if you were aware, I know you came here with the Ku Klux Klan or whatever,” Chidi says, a claim the man begins to vehemently deny before Chidi continues. “The only thing that I wanted to mention is that the shoes that you’re wearing … ”

“What’s the matter with the shoes I’m wearing?” the man interrupts, pointing out that they are “red and black and white.”

“The brand FUBU, it stands for ‘For Us, By Us,’” Chidi attempts to explain, pointing out that the brand was created by black people to empower the black community.

The man, however, did not see the point.

“Them shoes that you probably wore was designed by a white man back in the 1920s,” the man counters. “But does that make you stop wearing them shoes because the white man designed them? I don’t care if a black man designed my shoes.”

“I just find it interesting,” Chidi says.

“I don’t hate you. I tried to say that a while ago. I hate not you, but I hate what your people are doing to this country,” the man insists.

…okay then!

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