The ‘Timeless’ single with KD Young Cocky and the King of Pop

If I could record a song with MJ, it would be titled,”Timeless.” I want my music to be relatable and encouraging to people that have been through the same things I’ve been through.

~ KD Young Cocky

Of course we know that the King of Pop isn’t doing a collaboration. Yall read this article thinking it was possible? But for a newcomer to the music game named KD Young Cocky, if the collaboration were possible, he believes the single would become the greatest single of all time. 

Born and raised in the Englewood community, a neighborhood within Chicago, KD Young Cocky understands that in order to make it out, you have to pull yourself up from the trenches. No time to play victim!

Why does this all matter? In this feature, I interviewed a newcomer KD Young Cocky who hopes that his music will inspire listeners to believe that they too can be cocky enough to create the life they deserve. 

ATB: Let’s jump straight into the interview bro. Can you explain your stage name, KD Young Cocky? Is that your personality or just your way of expressing confidence in your abilities?

Kd Young Cocky: It’s a little bit of both. I’m a pretty laid back person most of the time, but Young Cocky was a nickname given to me by a close friend to describe my delivery in the vocal booth. He thought my sound was very “Cocky” or confident. Every since then I’ve carried “Young Cocky” on my back and built a musical family from it called “Y.C.

When you’re from where I’m from, Englewood, if you’re able to make it out, you tend to have confidence in yourself and in life in general. Making it out of Englewood molded me to believe I could overcome anything!

ATB: Being from the Southside of Chicago, what exactly were your inspirations? Were there factors about Chicago that contributed to your musical interest?

Kd Young Cocky: Yes indeed there were factors! Some of the factors were just the everyday life situations, like not being able to eat or not having enough room in the house to sleep. I understood back then that I could have been persuaded to sell drugs. Instead I chose to express myself through music.

My career jump started with the passing of two of my close friends, “Star,” and “DMan” and a girl from my neighborhood who at the time was 13 years old when shot and killed named Serita White.  All three were tragic victims of gun violence. Star and I were classmates at Harper High School and Dman and I played ball together. One day before class, we heard the news that Star was shot and killed. I took the news pretty hard and I wrote a song called “Circles” and dedicated in honor of each of their memories. The school played Circles on the intercom and my uncle helped me make CDs to pass out. The circumstances alone inspired me to want to do better and get my family around better living.

ATB: How do you decide on an artist that you want to do a collaboration with i.e did you approach Common or Benzino or did they approach you? What was it about these artists that helped you feel comfortable that they were the right fit for your brand?

Kd Young Cocky: You know all of this was in God’s hands. I never know what he has planned for me. Benzino and I met through my friend and producer, D. Brooks. Our collaboration just kinda happened.

I met Common while I was at No I.D house in California and he showed love too. I was already a big fan of his work and he gave me some advice on some things.  Just having Common talk to me about the industry made me comfortable because what he was telling me could help build my brand itself.

ATB: “Walking Check.” Love this Title! What made you decide this was the direction to go with your music? Ya know… with everything that’s going on, how did you know that this was the best subject?

Kd Young Cocky: I didn’t see a need to put out a trap song because we already know what that sounds like. Chicago is a city of violence if you let the media tell it. Personally, I came from nothing! So when you see the video or hear the song, “Walking Check,” I want people to see that life can change for the better and that they can really get out and make this money. Just because you hurt today doesn’t mean you can’t wake up and make $100,000 tomorrow! This is how I feel.

This single hopefully will cater to people who want better and aren’t ashamed to be confident in who they are. At the end of the day, I feel like I’m from the same streets and possibly been through worse. I’m here to have fun with you (my fans) and I’m trying to build a long-term career from this, so I create music that can be played forever.

ATB: Putting vibes in the atmosphere. If you could work with one artist to produce the greatest single of all time, who would it be and what would the title of the single be?

Kd Young Cocky: I would work with Michael Jackson if he was still with us.Why? Because of the messages he put out in his music, like songs such as “Black or White” & “Remember The Time.” These songs not only speak of real issues, but are also timeless records.

If I could record a song with MJ, it would be titled,”Timeless.” I want my music to be relatable and encouraging to people that have been through the same things I’ve been through. That’s what makes timeless music so special. I want to make music that doesn’t have an expiration date on it.

“As long as it’s the truth, it has the ability to live with us forever.”     ~KDYoungCocky

ATB: How can listeners follow you on social media to support your new project?

Kd Young Cocky: I definitely want everyone to go out and follow me on social media. Stop reading this and do it right now! lol My Instagram name is @kdyoungcocky and My Twitter handle is @kd_youngcocky. I love the interaction with my fans, so feel free to reach out at any time.

I have my new singles available on SoundCloud and iTunes as well as new videos dropping soon. I have a lot of great things happening. I also want to take this time to thank Swurv Radio and your readers for this interview. I am confident you guys will like this project.. so I’m pretty excited.

ATB: The love is reciprocated bro. Thank you for allowing #AndreTheBlogger the exclusive. Just promise me when this record charts, you coming back for another exclusive.

Kd Young Cocky: That’s a deal.

Updated on October 6th, 2016 12:55pm

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