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Tinashe Gives Some Detail On The “Joyride” Album Delays

Tinashe Gives Some Detail On The "Joyride" Album Delays
Photographed by Anairam

Tinashe still has not delivered her sophomore studio album Joyride. This album has been delayed for several months, almost nearly a year now. The R&B singer has still been dropping singles, even a music video or two, but no album. What’s the deal?

Well, the record label seems to have confirmed that the album will finally be released this October. In an interview with Nylon, Tinashe also revealed that she was prepared, at one point, to just start leaking songs herself. It sounds like it’s been the label this entire time. Which is sad, considering that she had pretty much built a fanbase off of her three mixtapes. She didn’t necessarily need the label.

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