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Top 5 Worst Rappers of 2015 So Far

Meek Mill worst rappers

We’ve had a lot of great rap projects in 2015. We JUST got Compton, not to mention To Pimp a Butterfly in March, and a whole slew of others. And in a fit of joyous fun, it’s time to acknowledge those who are scrapping at the bottom of the barrel. Some of the worst rappers in 2015 so far. Only have 4 months left in the year for someone to come along and fuck up bad enough to take someone’s spot on this list.

#5. Future
DS2 is getting universal acclaim from critics? For the life of me, I can’t understand why. This man just never sounds good as a rapper. And people tend to get production and rapping confused. Are you sure you he’s a dope rapper or does he just have dope beats? There is a difference.

#4. Chief Keef
chief keef
Chief Keef will probably be one of the worst rappers of every year, frankly. He released Bang 3 at the beginning of this month. And that’s all that needs to be said about that. Still mumbling on the mic.

#3. Tyga
If for no other reason, Tyga loves hanging around barely legal Kylie Jenner, who just had her 18th birthday. I don’t think he was ever on anyone’s radar as a rapper to begin with, but this year with him in the headlines every day with the Kardashians, he’s brought a lot of attention onto himself. And not the good kind. And I don’t remember hearing amazing things about Fan of a Fan: The Album either, or The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty.

#2. Troy Ave.
Troy Ave., one of the worst rappers rapping right now, released Major Without A Deal earlier this year. A lot of hilariously bad songs on that album. “Doo Doo”…good Lord. Who is still caping for him? Come on, y’all. “Dooo di doooo dooo do do, dooo di doooo dooo do do/Dooo di doooo dooo do do, dooo di doooo dooo do do/You a bad rapper just know I’m shitting on you.”

#1. Meek Mill
meek mill
Yeah, you know I had to do it for ya. Meek Mill done did this to himself. He went on Twitter acting like a baby and crying, and dragged himself into this beef where he was severely embarrassed. And Drake didn’t even spit venomous bars at him…he sounded bored on that diss track Drake wasn’t even going all “5 A.M. In Toronto” on him, and still Meek lost. That’s tragic. Meek Mill, you are the weakest link of 2015, on the list of worst rappers, you’re numero uno. Probably the most memorable beef in a while. When you got fast food places joining on the fun, roasting you…bruh…thanks for the entertainment, though. Needed it. You lost to a dude named Aubrey.

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