Tragedy Khadafi – “Pre Magnum Opus” (Album Review)

Tragedy Khadafi is a rapper I was not aware of before I heard this album. But Pre Magnum Opus is a solid project. Tragedy Khadafi has been in the game since 1985, releasing his first studio album Intelligent Hoodlum in 1990.

This album begins with “Free Thinkers 2”, with Khadafi spitting some knowledge social commentary, and it features a recording of Ghandi speaking on God and religion and spirituality. This totally caught me by surprise, but it made me pay attention. The second track “Men Amongst Tracks” comes in and this beat knocks so hard with the kicks and snares, and these dark synths in the production. Rudy is also on the track and she spits a good verse and also delivers a good hook. This song really impressed me and me go, “Alright, I definitely need to keep my eyes on this rapper”.

“Mental Journey” is another dark beat, creating this real eerie gloomy atmosphere. Khadafi has a great voice for hip-hop, man, he really takes control of the make and makes his presence known. He continues to do that on the next track, “Stand up”, establishing himself as a real lyricist.

The song is dope.
The samples used on the song “Road Kill” are really great, it doesn’t come in with any heavy bass or kicks and that makes it better in my opinion. The song “Verbal Cannibals”, what do you think that’s about? Straight boom-bap and starts with these hard-hitting drums and never lets up. Featuring Meyhem Lauren, Foul Monday & Shabaam Sahdeeq, these are MC’s I’ve never heard of, but they all came to just spit sick shit and they did. Definitely one of the more memorable tracks on this project.
Yeah, man, overall this is just a dope lil project. Wasn’t expecting it, a nice 10-track album released in the 4th quarter. If you love East Coast boom-bap, and a project with some content as well as lyricism, definitely check out Tragedy Khadafi’s Pre Magnum Opus.

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