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Interview with Independent Artist Twizy Smoove

Las Vegas: The entertainment capital of the world!

When you think of Las Vegas it’s hard not to think of the Las Vegas Strip. You also can’t escape how F*Cking hot it is. Most of the tourist my age it’s the Stip Clubs and about that nightlife. But for those of us that live here, we know it as home.

Welcome to Sin City

As a local it’s rare we go to the strip. Especially now that it cost $15 dollars just to park at many of the casinos on the strip now. But what many out of towners might not know is that we are more than just Casinos. Yes, we are the future home of the Las Vegas Raiders but we are also home to some of the best Hip Hop artist as well as groups around and our featured artist Twizy Smoove is one of Vegas’s new Independent artist gunning for that spotlight. We sat down with Twizy Smoove to get an idea of his future goals and what’s next for the young artist.

Check out the Interview Below:
Swurv: What made you come up with the nickname Twizy?

Twizy: My name is Ontiwaun, but My friends started calling Me “Twizy” for short ever since the third grade. “Smoove” came from My walk, talk & “Gooed” out expression of style in high school.

Swurv: What were some of the musical influences you had as a teenager?

Twizy: I was raised in a household of Michael Jackson, Slick Rick, and Tupac. My playlist is interstellar and my go-to artists are Chris Brown, Nirvana, Cold Play, Usher, Jill Scott and Chief Keef. I like to keep it interstellar.

Swurv: What ultimately caused you to walk away from football and take on music full time?

Twizy: I didn’t walk away from football entirely. I still play in a flag football league and mentor young kids, but when I discovered that music was my true passion, I had to keep it 100 and go all the way in. I’m blessed to be multi-talented, but my passion is this music.

Swurv: What was your experience like touring with Slim 400?

Twizy: Touring with Slim 400 was humbling but exciting! The energy I got from fans knowing my lyrics and singing along with me was mind blowing. I can’t even express the rush I felt. I love my fans!

Swurv: Who are some of your favorite current artists and why?

Twizzy: I’m into Migos and Future. I’m inspired by trap music. Fetty Wap and Young Thugg have that dope ass goo.

Swurv: What are some goals you have in mind for the next few years?

Twizy: My goal is that everybody catches this Wave bro….Surfs Up!!!

Check out the new single “Go” by Twizzy Smoove.

Artist Bio:
Twizy Smoove, born Ontiwaun E Carter Jr. December 2, 1992 in Pacoima, Ca. A preacher’s kid, raised in a Christian home, so values and good character was instilled at an early age. Always the creative kid, he renamed himself “Twizy” in the 3rd grade and the name has stuck with him.

As a child, his dream was to make it to the NFL. By high school, Twizy was a talented 6’ 5” wide receiver running the 40 at 4.4. Twizy always loved music, and as a hobby, he would freestyle with his teammates and friends. He carried his love for music to the South, with a football scholarship to Texas A&M University. On the field, he drew crowds with his dynamic receiving game. Off the field and among friends, he became known as a talented freestyler with a signature sound. Soon, the passion he felt about music began to define Twizy. He would eventually leave his boyhood dreams of the NFL behind to pursue a life full of music and creativity.

An original member of “4$moove” based out of Amarillo, TX, Twizy rocked local shows and toured with Slim 400. Eventually, though, a solo career was the ultimate Smoove move in his identity. Twizy describes his music as a positive catchy vibe with a good energy for today’s hip hop urban culture. Twizy found his own unique lane and developed a culture, style, bop and lingo all his own. He calls the energy he presents to the world: “Surfs Up” or “Surfin”. Twizy is making a name for himself in the industry and has opened for Lil Yachty, YG, Lil Uzu, Uno the Activist, Souljah Boy, and Rich the Kid to name a few. His melodic rap style has a trap feel due to the musical influences in his teenage years. Souljah Boy, Future & Chief Kief played in his headphones constantly.

With his signature style, Twizy has created this hot new “Surf” culture in Hip Hop and is determined to make sure we all “Catch the Wave!”

Check out Twizy Smoove on Soundcloud and make sure you are following him on Twitter.

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