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The Unraveling of Omeeka: Meek Mill’s Self Inflicted Career Suicide

It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon , MTV had just announced the nominations for this year’s VMA’s and everything was a blur after that. First Nicki Minaj felt some kind of way about Anaconda not being nominated for Video of the Year. She even went as far as to say that women of color no respect in pop culture, OK Nicki Dangerfield Anaconda was not groundbreaking by any means.

Twitter had a field day over her perceived childish behavior for not being nominated for one more award as she was nominated for FOUR awards. It seems that Taylor Swift felt like a jab was thrown by Nicki Minaj in one of her tweets where she says the reference to black women not getting respect in pop culture. As Kanye before her, Nicki downplayed Taylor’s accomplishments and Nicki had her very own “I’m going to let you finish, but…” moments.


With the sour taste in her mouth Taylor Swift came for Nicki saying that she thought Nicki was above pitting two women against each other and she went on to say that maybe one of the men took her spot, a slight jab and reminder that the award isn’t exclusive to women.

<> on September 9, 2013 in New York City.

Well we can assume that, that exchange incited the wrath of Meek Mill who went on a Twitter rant to end all Twitter rants. He started off stating that Nicki isn’t the reason for his success. He then turned his attention to Nicki’s ex Safaree by showing an old clip of him dancing in a questionable manner. The reaction wasn’t quite what he was looking for as people generally called the act pathetic.

He then switched his assault from Safaree to Drake. This is where the point of no return came. He foolishly stated the verse Drake gave him for the song “Rico” wasn’t written by him and that he wanted people to stop comparing the two as he felt that Drake doesn’t write his own raps.  He also brought up the lap dance that Nicki gave Drake at the end of the Anaconda video. He stated that he was upset that Drake didn’t endorse his album like ALL of hip hop did.


This is where Meek made the gravest error. He came off as a spoiled kid who is mad that their album isn’t getting the attention any longer. Everyone waited for the response from Drake which naturally didn’t come. Even Chrissy Teigen was in proverbial standstill waiting for Drakes response. Same situation he was in with the Tyga diss, why waste your time on someone no where near to your level?

He did reply back to friend HitmanHolla’s DM stating he signed up for greatness and this comes with it…


He has since apologized to Nicki for his uncouth actions and even shouted Drake out saying let him be great but followed up with declaring himself the realest one in the game.


As far as the supposed ghost writer?  His name is Quentin Miller. Sound familiar?  It should, as he is clearly listed in Drakes credits. Drake’s long time producer and friend chimed in with what we figured was common sense . Stating that Drake did get help from Quentin but anyone who thinks that Drake doesn’t write his own stuff is crazy.

We can only say that Nicki you didn’t choose very well

And somewhere Chris Brown is like


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