#Videos – @Anthabee “Just Lean Rock Your Body” ft. Dj Webstar

AnthaBee and Webstar made some noise in the street with “Sip Lean Pop A Molly” and decided it was time to do a video. They worked with Monstar Films and director The Last American B-Boy to place the visuals to the beat while changing the song title maybe to help them get placement. “Just Lean, Rock your boy…. jolly, jolly rancher, taste so sweet, molly got me numb, can’ feel my feet” is definitely referring to the drug and pushes the message to get high when you feel low. Everyone has their own version of getting high and some folks choose dancing as a high and this video has some dancers, b-boys and b-girls in it to share the mood with Webstar and Antha Bee.


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