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Born on March 14th in 1984 in Gary, IN, “2200Clarence J. Underwood never knew of the trials ahead of him. 2200 first started recording in 1999 but never released any of his tracks. His first released track was “G.A.M.E.” in 2003 which was featured on a local compilation in Indianapolis, IN. A short time after, his music career came to a halt do to a love for the streets. During his hiatus, he used the time constructively and did the best thing he knows how, let the paper bleed the pen.

In 2013, he suffered through the loss of a child which gave him a new breath and passion for the art of self expression. His latest singles of release is “Revelations 22” under Record Union and is available on Jay Z’s Tidal and March Madness 2 (OML) that will be available through all major digital distribution channels. In 2013 he signed a television production deal to have his own reality show on a major network that got stalled due to timing. He also had brief negotiations with the infamous Rich Dollaz and has current correspondence with Success Davis (Director of A&R) and Brian Johnston (VP of A&R) at Atlantic Records in which they are requesting more music from him.

22 is currently working on the upcoming album “S.A.D.E”, which is an acronym for Something All Devils Envy, the release is slated for 2016. In the words of 2200, there are “No emotions from a PHARAOH” only “music coursing through his veins.”

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