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Get your vote on for another Independent artist stepping up to the most crucial part if the game. Getting feedback is no joke but necessary to grow as an artist or fade away like a shadow on a cloudy day. Take a listen and get your vote on for rapper Seventh Jewel with his new track “Up Down” and let us know if we should Bump it or Dump it. Your comment is your vote. Lets get it.

Artist Bio:
7J aka 7th Jewel (born 29 July 1991 in Burgdorf, Bern, Switzerland as Mithusan Selvanandam) is a rapper of Sri Lankan origin. His music is strongly influenced by American Hip-Hop and Rap. At the age of 14, he discovered his mad passion for hip hop and began to rap to the music and lyrics of US rappers like 50 cent, The Game and Fabolous. In short, he had been infected with the Hip Hop virus and began to pen his own lyrics and started rapping to simple beats.

In 2009, his first official mixtape “Fame” was released with 12 tracks. Due to family reasons, for quite a while, he wasn’t as active as he would have like to be. He however continued writing and this helped him go through the difficult times. He however didn’t put anything out on the streets. In 2010, the most important person in his life was introduced into this world – his precious daughter, Alisha. In May 2012, 7J released an EP called “Comeback Music” with 7 tracks which found mad love in the Hip Hop community in Bern City, his hometown.

This show of love motivated and inspired him to get back into the studio and continue doing what he does best: making music.
On the 6th of January 2013, he shot his first video for the single “Princess” in collaboration with DXTV Entertainment. It appeared on MTV Switzerland few weeks after and is still on their playlist.

In the same year he also released three further mixtapes called “Hard To Be Real“, “Allstars“ and “Overtime“. Only in 2013 he published over 40 singles.
In February 2014 he produced and brought out a music video for his latest single “Mad” in a clean and an explicit version. In May followed the next music video called “IZME” produced by the young artist Lil Shanth. The music video has been produced by himself and co. produced by DXTV Entertainment.

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