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Warner Bros. Wants More ‘Matrix’ Films?

Warner Bros. Wants More 'Matrix' Films?

The Matrix was a groundbreaking film back in 1999 when it was released. Because of its story, its aesthetics, the special effects and the action sequences. Its two following sequels, Reloaded and Revolutions, are not remembered as fondly. But the entire story as a whole is impressive. So much so that Warner Bros. is looking to reboot the franchise.

That’s right. Not create another Matrix sequel or even prequel, but a do-over. Producers and studio execs are currently mulling over the possibility. Even tossing around names like Michael B. Jordan to star. It’s unclear as of right now whether or not any of the cast, or the Wachowski’s, will be involved. Not even producer Joel Silver. If not, how do you feel about another Matrix movie, with none of the original actors/creators involved?

Deadline claims “the studio is likely to create a writers’ room of scribes to figure out the best possible way to relaunch the franchise.”

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