Watch T-Saki – E-40’s kitchen “CAPTAIN SAVE A ROLLS” parody video 🎅🎄🍞☃️

With all the news about Trump and Russia it’s time to take a break and try to laugh a little right?

If you haven’t seen or heard of T-Saki he is without question the Asian equivalent of E-40 but 100x funnier. Charlie Hustle himself has endorsed T-Saki and the two are seen on Saki’s youtube page. The comedian hilariously does another one of his impressions of the Flamboyant Bay Area repetitive. Dressed in the classic 40 Water hoodie, goose down vest with a gold reindeer chained around his neck Saki does a spot on impersonation. Set inside the comedians kitchen he gives us the Martha Stewart run down on Saving The Rolls.

Take time out this Holiday wish your neighbor a Merry Christmas and share T-Saki’s kitchen Captain Save A Rolls parody and let us know what you think.

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