The Weeknd – “Tell Your Friend” (Video)

Yesterday The Weeknd released the video for he’s latest single Tell Your Friend, a track that was produced by Kanye West and is one of the tracks that can be expected to feature on he’s upcoming album Beauty Behind The Madness. The track is the fifth single we’ve received from the Canadian artist and now in this twisted video The Weeknd has opted for a very dark creative angle to bring this song to life.

The Weeknd is seen burying himself alive in the desert, while wearing a plastic bag over he’s head, and managing to sing-a-long to the tunes, while covered in dirt. Then after a dramatic transition, gun shots an all, the video transitions into the album’s opening song Real Life.

Now The Weeknd is no stranger to putting together video’s that have that dark and twisted edge to it, so it’s no real surprise that he’s gone this route for he’s video.

These niggas they been doing too much flexing
And they’re about to call the wrong attention
And I don’t got no patience, no more testing
I do shit how I want, don’t need no blessing
XO niggas, ain’t nothing to mess with
Nobody stopping us, oh no we destined

And these are only but a few lyrics to the song, and I mean if you listen to the lyrics, it comes off as such an angry song with an “enough is enough” vibe to it. But then it’s juxtaposed on such a beautiful and soft melody which makes for a unique listening and viewing experience. I think this is what makes The Weeknd’s music so unique, because he’s such an expressive artist who’s not afraid to share with us what seems like he’s most inner thoughts and feelings.

The singer-songwriter recently performed at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival and of course he performed a few songs from he’s upcoming offering, which is scheduled to release this coming Friday (August 28). The Weekend also surprised festival goers with a performance of he’s cover for none other than the Queen B herself, Beyonce’s Drunk In Love.

To check out some of he’s performances, click here.

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