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The Weeknd GQ Feature & Kanye West’s Yeezy Collection

the weeknd

Featuring in September’s issue of GQ magazine, The Weekend is seen rocking items from Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 1 Collection. Of course Mr West was very involved in the shoot, as he styled The Weekend’s looks.

“The camo, the army look, the black boots, the nonchalant kind of vagrant look. I relate to it. It relates to my story. Kanye is such a great friend of mine as well, when he asked me I couldn’t say no.” said The Weekend in a recent interview.

the weeknd

This is the first time we get a look at West’s full collection since he debuted it at New York Fashion Week earlier this year.

In a behind the scenes chat on the GQ set, we see Will Welch (GQ Style Editor) and Jim Moore (GQ Creative Director) unpack the various items and discuss what works in this collection and what items people can look forward to seeing in stores.

Welch: What do you think the most successful aspect of it is?

Moore: I think the fact that you can buy at Kanye’s closet. This is what a designer does. They use themselves as a muse and they make clothes that they want to put on their backs. 

This clip is really great, because it takes a very detailed look at West’s items and using The Weeknd as the model was genius. The way he carries the clothes just looks so effortless…almost as if each piece was made specially for him.




Just looking at these photo’s, you can tell the styling remained very true to The Weeknd’s personal style. Props to your work Mr West.

The collection is expected to hit the shelves in October and I can confidently say, West fans will be queuing in numbers just to make sure they get their chance to pick into West’s “closet”. The collection is very cool, fresh and very much on trend.

But I can’t say he’s pushed the boundaries here in terms putting forward items we’ve never seen before from fashion designers. I guess it’s missing that “hobo chic” edge we love so much from he’s personal style. However, hobo chic is not for every one and looking at the detail, right from materials used and just the general aesthetic, you can definitely see this a solid collection that people will want to own.

Drop your comments below and tell us what you think about Yeezy Season 1.

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