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Wu-Tang Biopic Talk From Raekwon

Well, of course Straight Outta Compton continued to do well this weekend at the box office. What else were you really rushing out to see? This has however caused Raekwon to make the following comments:

“When we make a Wu movie, bet your ass its gonna be serious,” he said at his shoe release in Manhattan this week. “Because we gotta tell the truth. And I think that’s what I love about the ‘Straight Outta Compton’ movie is that they told the truth. When we do get to that level and it happens, it has to be the real story. It’s gonna be an interesting one, cause I said – RZA hit the lotto one day. He knew who he had, but he didn’t know what he had. So let’s keep it right there.”

Yeah, Wu-Tang’s very own Raekwon the chef seems to be down with the idea of a Wu-Tang biopic. Whether or not that will actually happen…I don’t know. It feels like these guys may not be able to get as well organized as Cube and Dre and the others. And, as cool as it may be, not every hip-hop group needs their own movie. And nothing is official with this bit of news, but I’m sure studios are currently seeing what other autobiographical projects they could explore next.

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