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  • southpaw
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    “Southpaw: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture” – (Album Review)

    Though it isn’t as thoroughly successful as the legendary, Eminem produced 8 Mile Soundtrack from 2002, the music to the motion picture Southpaw still proves Slim Shady is undoubtedly the reigning king of the Rap game. The triumphant spirit appropriate for a boxing movie rings in the heart of every one of its fourteen tracks. Even tried and true classics like the Notorious ...

    On July 25, 2015 / By
  • hopsin cover
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    Hopsin – “Pound Syndrome”- (Album Review)

    I long for the days when the harshest criticism I could cast about thirty-year old Marcus Hopson, also known by the stage name of Hopsin, who caught listeners ears with his sinister blend of outrageous Horrorcore Rap in 2009 with his first release, the EP Haywire (featuring Swizz) from 2009, was that his general voice, bouts of straight-forward rhyming exploding into utter screaming and ...

    On July 24, 2015 / By
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    Ice Cube “The Predator” (1992) #tbtreviews

    Fresh off making his acting debut as Doughboy, Ice Cube was angry. The fires from the burning streets of Los Angeles were settling but there was still a major problem in the air and Cube had something to say about it. After a very rough split from N.W.A., Cube dropped two banging solo albums “Amerikkkas Most Wanted” and “Death Certificate”. Seen as ...

    On July 23, 2015 / By
  • Joell Ortiz - "Human" - (Album review)
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    Joell Ortiz – “Human” – (Album review)

    On Joell Ortiz’s fourth album, Human, the Slaughterhouse member paints a well-rounded, but often too generalized to fit the commonplace idea of what Rap should be, verbal autobiography of who he is. He clearly states that is his intent with this album in the straightforward opening skit, the beautifully produced with some appropriately haunting background vocals, one minute and ten second “Human ...

    On July 21, 2015 / By