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    Repping the Bronx, rapper Mickey Factz is gaining some buzz as an up-and-coming lyricist. I first got wind of Mickey Factz in 2012 with his “Mickey MauSe” mixtape. Now he is back with the mixtape “740 Park Ave”. Without a studio album or major record deal, Mickey Factz has been hitting the pavement hard touring with Big Sean and making collabos with ...

    On August 20, 2014 / By
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    Featured Interview: The Q&A with Baltimore Artist @RAYVICHD by @Martamharris

    With his infectious beats and honest lyrics Ray Vic brings new life to a genre saturated with copy cats. This rapper, father and lyricist hails from Baltimore, Maryland and is slowly taking over the masses with each digital download and live performance. Currently promoting his new hit single “U Already,” Ray Vic sat down to answer questions about his inspirations, music and ...

    On August 15, 2014 / By
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    Grammy winner, Common, is one of the best rap artist in the game. Common changes his mood more times than a pregnant lady in her third trimester. He is more unpredictable than Lebron hitting free agency. His last album, “The Dreamer/The Believer” was critically acclaimed but did not push many units. Now, he is back with his 10th studio album “Nobody’s Smiling”. Over ...

    On July 25, 2014 / By

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