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The Captin
I got the chance to interview the mind behind “Big Ball Cappin”, Tha Captin himself. His work is getting great reviews and praise from some big names in the industry. Below we talk about his new music and his advice for indie artists trying to make it.

Your latest mixtape “Big Ball Cappin” is doing really well right now. How does it feel to have another hit on your hands? 
I mean hey, hard work and dedication you feel me were getting the results that we need but were constantly working day in and day out. I’m going to keep on working, you feel me, so we can keep these hits coming, you fee me, Big Ball Cappin out now make sure you go get it if you aint got it get it now! Also make sure you go check out my previous mixtapes “Million Dollar Wrist Game” and “OhhGee” everything on live mixtapes yall can go get all them, you feel. It feels good man, it feels good finally getting the dues from the work I been putting in, you feel me.

How does it differ from your earlier projects? 
The production has gotten a whole lot better I’m starting to perfect my sound I’m starting to mold myself into the artist I need to be, you feel me, and you can hear that in my lyrics.  My stories are getting more real, I’m starting to shed light on who Tha Captin really is and the struggles I got through.

Every artist pulls from different inspirations. What would you say is your biggest inspiration right now? 
Right now my biggest inspirations is making a way out and providing a way for my homeboys and my family, just bigger and better things. I got to see the world and know what’s out there so I know I can get to it.

At Swurv we like to give as much attention to indie artists as we can. Do you have any advice for new artists that want to make an impact? 
Keep pushing and focus on your dreams and goals. Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you can’t make it cause you can do anything you set your mind to. And most importantly have faith in yourself cause if you don’t, then who will?

We’re at the end of our interview but is there anything you want to say to our readers? 
For those who support my movement I just want to say Thank You, yall make all this possible. Also, make sure you follow Tha Captin @ThaCaptin on all the social networks and everything, check out for up and coming shows and new material and hit up for any business inquires. Salute!

Check out one of the tracks off of “Big Ball Cappin” below called “Shake It Off” and let us know what you think!

Make sure to follow him on Twitter to stay updated on new music and news!

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